We founded… BOOK iVOICE in order to help authors and publishers with their communications and marketing strategy. Boost your visibility and connect with your target audience thanks to our publishing and copywriting expertise and insight into the expectations of authors, publishers and readers combined with the power of audio and video content.

BOOK iVOICE draws on our extensive professional experience, namely ten years of fruitful collaboration with the French publishing houses Éditions Nouveaux Auteurs and Nouvelles Plumes, the development of the publishing brand Amorosa, the discovery of hundreds of French-speaking talents, the launch of various major literary awards for the general public, the management of a readers’ committee with over 10,000 contributors, personal voice over branding work, several weeks of COVID lockdown with its share of existential questions, and above all, our desire to innovate.

Let us be your one-stop shop, offering you personalised advice as we build a long-term relationship. That is how we intend to make BOOK iVOICE your preferred provider when it comes to audio and video promotional content for books.

Isabelle Humbert
Founder & Manager BOOK iVOICE