Digital marketing is a set of marketing techniques used by brands to communicate, generate qualified traffic on the Internet, capture potential customers’ attention and turn them into paying customers.

A book trailer not only increases connectivity with readers and Internet users, but it adds another string to your bow, so your book – whatever its genre – shines like never before.

There is the right book trailer for every book, so the choice is yours!


Audio or video advertising message to arouse curiosity without presenting a full product. Potential readers or customers want to know more.


Audio or video trailer. Highlights the best moments of a film or the strengths of a business. It gives the basic idea of what is behind it.


Audio or video trailer inspired by movie trailers. It advertises your book with catchphrases and engaging visuals.


During the promotional stage, your book trailer becomes a comic strip. A humorous approach to your message featuring several characters who speak – using six to eight panels – about your book.

The classic static comic strip is printed on paper, whereas the digital comic strip – called webcomic – is made to be read on a screen. We produce them both.


The comic strip trailer uses audio to breathe life into your characters through one or more short web series and keeps your readers in suspense.


The comic strip trailer of your book allows the reader to interact as the main character in your story, communicating and making comments. How great is that!


The book trailer becomes a 45–60 second animated video enhanced with a voice-over and music. Just like the comic strip, it features several custom-made characters, who will speak – using twelve to sixteen panels – about your book.


15–20 second animated video to boost your book trailer. Concise and fun, this medium is increasingly used by companies to explain a concept, convey a complex message and tell a convincing story in next to no time. This animation creates a link with your audience, builds loyalty, increases interest in your book and makes it unforgettable. Multilingual voice-over, music, 2D and 3D text and image animation – the informative or explanatory style sets the mood.


Interactive animated videos enhanced with personalized content including links used for e-learning or to capture user data in order to optimize your traffic. E-motion also adapts to the literary world with an original interactive animation to promote your book release.


2–5 minute drawn video. Following a precise script, an animated hand draws a story on a plain background while Internet users watch. A voice-over accompanies the imagery to reinforce the message. This multifaceted support can be used by all to launch a new book, product, materialize a concept, present an event, share good practices, etc.


In a digital or print format, computer graphics transform a document or a book’s complex data into a simple and impactful diagram.

To summarize, video advertising is becoming so popular that it is now the preferred method of communication for brands while digital audio and the power of human voice is gradually taking hold in the marketing of brands and literature.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown have accelerated this marketing trend.