Can you introduce BOOK iVOICE in a few words?

BOOK iVOICE is a service provider, based in France, dedicated to the literary world. We advise authors and publishers by offering them effective audio, video and print solutions adapted to the promotion of their books locally and internationally. All of our services are available in several languages.

On the other hand, BOOK iVOICE is not a traditional or hybrid Publisher nor a self-publishing company. Nor are we a peer-to-peer collaborative platform.

Who is BOOK iVOICE for?

BOOK iVOICE is aimed at authors (beginners or experienced self-published ones) and publishers who want to promote their books.

Do you create and produce audio books?

We are not an audio book production site.

What is a voice-over?

It is when you hear a person’s voice without seeing their image.

On TV, radio, Web, cinema, the commentary in a documentary, a report, an institutional film, dubbing over an actor or a cartoon character, it advertises a product, reads an audio book, greets you from an automatic telephone answering machine… we call all that a voice-over.

Voice-overs are also used for announcements in train stations, airports, motion design videos, e-learning courses and audio description (description of audio-visual and cultural works for the visually impaired).

Voice-overs are part of our daily lives.

Does BOOK iVOICE suit all screens?

The website is responsive, i.e. it has been designed to adapt to different screen resolutions – BOOK iVOICE can be viewed on a computer, a smartphone, a tablet. A multiple choice for all users.

Are BOOK iVOICE rates without last-minute surprises?

Our prices have been negotiated with the partners who work with us. No hidden fees or commissions are added to your final invoice.

Are paper books, e-books, audio and the Web eco-friendly?

All forms of consumption have disadvantages. Paper books use a lot of paper, ink, packaging, advertising and transport. The environmental impact of an e-reader is not without consequences either, and listening to quality audio requires highspeed broadband. Printers are increasingly opting for environmentally friendly printing, the economy of web pages and eco-friendly GAFA (Google Apple Facebook Amazon) may one day be the norm, as there is a growing awareness.

At BOOK iVOICE we have chosen a short audio video format to limit the energy footprint of each user but that’s just long enough to be convincing.